My musical career started by noises I made in my mothers womb with the surrounding organs as my only audience. I was born on 09.04.1968. in Zagreb. The night was beautiful, my parents didn't notice this, but only that a musician was born. They were very happy for my arrival but couldn't easily reconcile with me being a musician.

While the stars were clearly showing that I was to become a musician I put my efforts in trying to become someone more 'reliable'. That resulted in quitting at the Faculty of Mining and obtaining later my degree at the Faculty of Philosophy (Italian and Spanish studies). This is pretty understandable since my mother was a professor of Italian and English language and my father an engineer of oil mining.

In any case, I attended the pre-college school of music „V.Lisinski“ in the class of an excellent music master, great man and cellist, Srecko Prašelj, but typically quit in my teens. Apart from that, my older sister Loreta with her outstanding talent for piano outshined me to such an extent that it seemed pointless to stick to music. Nevertheless, here I am, Loreta is in Houston, PhD in piano, still the shining star that I admire. My younger sister, Ana Marija and she are my inspiration.

I did quit the music scool but I didn't quit playing music. I started to play bass guitar in the rock band „Sin Albert“, my first band, with which I stayed for seven years. I remember my first experiences as a musician, the first gigs, first friendships, first loves... While I stayed aloof from the bars my fingers didn't go rusty, they kept moving on the neck of the bass guitar. Nevertheless, six years had to pass before I took the cello in my hands once again.

More than an inch of dust on its case was the mark of six years not even picking it up. I blew the dust away when a friend of mine suggested that we should play some music on the streets of Munich. I liked the idea very much and that actually was, at the time, the main impulse to start playing the cello again. Another intention hid behind the daily earning of 50DM in spite of my terrible playing of the two only compositions that I sort of knew at the time: Bach's Ave Maria and Schubert's Ave Maria. A better version (I hope) of them both you will find on CD "Street cello" as reminiscences of my beginnings.

While playing on the streets in many different set ups, with a variety of musicians, I recognized in me real love for playing music on the streets, love that I nourished ever since. Ten years have passed since my first street, I enjoy ever more being with the cello, musicians, friends, people, streets.

At the same time, while continuously playing on the street, I played bass guitar as a member of the following bands: Stampedo, Šo!Mazgoon, Gego i Picigin band but I was also recognized as a cellist so I played cello parts for many (as well as bass guitar): Gibboni, Oliver Dragojevic, Hladno Pivo, Natali Dizdar, Lidija Bajuk, Dunja Knebl, Zabranjeno Pušenje, Ramirez, Afion, Ezerke chorus and orchestra 7/8, Mile i Putnici, Pavel, Kopito... I played with many different musicians and was a guest musician at the concerts of Darko Rundek, Jessica Lurie, Marijan Ban, Davor Erceg, Matija Dedic, Radojka Šverko, Massimo, Vještice, Mance... I took parts as musician in theatre performances, scored music in several animated and short movies, radio dramas, TV jingles and ads, arranged, composed... and I will proceed hopefully just like that for the rest of my life, because with such professions you don't get a pension.

Because of that, my dear friend, if you in all your wanderings through this world, or through a certain city that you'll be visiting, or perhaps in some remote dusty place miles from anywhere, or just in a bar, or an abandoned theatre building, if you ever suddenly hear the sound of my cello, please don't be surprised. It's just me with my cello, trying to give you the best of my heart. So please, just enjoy or don't. If you give me a penny or two or if you give me a naught, in either case you can trust me, I will not stop! For the reason that my grandmother Stane from Omiš used to sing to me: „Play may dear boy , just play, as long as you play somebody will give you a penny or even two, if he may! That's all you need, my boy, to stay happy and not to fall prey!“